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When Josef Cardinal Ratzinger was elevated to the papacy, he called himself a "humble worker in the Lord's Vineyard". To call the Church a vineyard is nothing new. In fact Jesus does it in the Gospels, building on themes rooted in the Hebrew Scriptures. A vineyard is lush. It is rich, it is fruitful. All the things Jesus meant, and Benedict wishes, the Catholic Church to be. The Lower East Side of Manhattan conjures up many things in the minds of people, but probably a vineyard is not one of them. It has a history of poverty, a reputation for drug abuse and crime, a legacy of being the first place where millions of immigrants reached our shores. And yet it despite its concrete and asphalt, it is lush with renovated parks and playgrounds, despite its poverty it is rich in languages and cultures, and despite the struggles of its inhabitants it is a wonderful diverse place to live.

Use our website to get to know us and that part of the Lord's vineyard we have been serving since 1863. And then come and visit us, because you are always welcome at St. Teresa's.

- Father Donald C. Baker, Pastor

St. Teresa Church 150th Anniversary Celebration with Timothy Cardinal Dolan. Watch the video here.

Lourdes and Edwin Cortez meet Pope Benedict.
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